~ Clock Repairs ~

"Have You Got The Wightime?"

 At Wightime we accept a large variety of clocks for repair including the following types:

30 Hour Longcase (Grandfather) Clocks

8 Day Longcase (Grandfather) Clocks

8 Day Chiming Longcase (Grandfather) Clocks

8 Day Striking Mantle Clocks

8 Day Striking Wall Clocks

8 Day Striking Bracket Clocks

8 Day Chiming Mantle Clocks (including double & triple chiming variations)

8 Day Chiming Wall Clocks (including double & triple chiming variations)

8 Day French Timepieces

8 Day French Striking Clocks

30 Hour or 8 Day "American" Clocks

8 Day Carriage Clocks  (with or without alarm)

8 Day Striking Carriage Clocks (with or without alarm)

8 Day Striking/Repeater Carriage Clocks

8 Day Grand Sonnerie Carriage Clocks

Bracket Clocks (all types)

Fusee English Dial Clocks

Fusee Skeleton Clocks

Ship's Clocks (Timepiece & 8 Bells varieties)

Vienna Regulators

8 Day "Ting Tang" Clocks (All varieties)

Cuckoo Clocks

Dutch Zaandam Clocks

Mass Produced 30 Hour & 8 Day Timepieces (subject to condition)

"2 inch B" Timepiece Movements (Repair or Renew)

QUARTZ Timepieces & Chiming Clocks (All types - Replacement of the movement - not repair)


If a clock can be repaired (satisfactorily and economically) then we will accept it. The poorer the condition the longer the period of time required to have the clock on the premises. Patience and perseverance on the part of both the Repairer and the Customer usually brings rewards!

The one type of clock that will always be politely declined nowadays is the 400 Day/Anniversary Clock due to its time consuming and temperamental characteristics not to mention the vulnerability to interference and mishandling.


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